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Joy Russell is the founder and face of joythroughjoy, a certified Christian Grief and Joy Restoration Coach (accredited by the International Coach Federation). She is the author of the 21 Day Gratitude Journal. Joy has a passion for helping people live full and happy lives.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” -Matthew 5:4

Experiencing loss is an inevitable part of living in this world. Whether it is the death of a loved one or a pet, the loss of a job, end of life situations, or other life transitions, grief is a reality. The journey of grief is not one to walk alone. Joy will walk this journey with you as you move forward in life and reclaim your happiness.

Joy also deals with losses that don’t involve death. Think of the losses involved in moving or losing a job, or living with a chronic condition, weight, or addiction issues. How about financial losses, or the breakup of a relationship, or the death of a dream? These are examples of living losses. Many living losses must be faced and mourned in the same way as losses involving death. Both living losses and death losses are easier to face with the help of a grief coach.

Joy’s approach to coaching is to:
· listen to your story
· assess where you are in the grieving process, and;
· work in partnership using proven tools and techniques to;
· empower you to restore joy in your life

Joy comes to the field of coaching with a wealth of practical, educational, and personal experience. Whatever is causing you pain in this season of life, she will help you overcome more quickly by leaning on faith principles that help you make those changes in life that the Word of God tells us, will enable us to live a full, joyful and yes, abundant life.

Sometimes life’s trials cause us to fall into a place of despair and grief that we can’t seem to come out of. Death, divorce, loss of a career or job can throw us into a storm so severe we can’t breathe.

Do you:
· Have a lack of joy, peace or understanding
· Have a hard time forgiving or letting go
· Have no motivation to enjoy your life
· Have an addiction
· Have a hard time communicating your feelings to family and friends

Grief and Joy Restoration Coaching is an innovative approach to grief support, tailored to fit the unique and individual needs of the griever, with someone who understands how loss impacts every part of life. In our sessions, I will support, encourage, and help you discover the meaning of life after loss and help you overcome whatever is causing you pain. We will work through and identify your future, recognizing challenges associated with your pain to move past those challenges and help to refocus on life’s goals and possibilities to not only survive but to thrive ultimately.

Free Ebook Instant Download

Download Your Free Copy of The Gratitude JournalWritten by Joy Russell herself, The 21 Day Gratitude Journal is intended to open your heart and create new habits in your life to somehow find the new you. It’s yours for FREE, please download it as a special gift from me to you.

Gratitude keeps our focus on God

When we develop a habit of gratitude, our focus shifts from what we do not have to what we do have, when we look to the positive, it removes the negatives. Read my devotionals under A Cup of Joy and sign up for emails and download your free 21-day gratitude journal. I look forward to speaking with you.

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Joy Russell | Grief Coach

Welcome to Joy through Joy! My name is Joy Russell, and I’m the founder of Joy through Joy, a place to find not only Christian grief coaching but also encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your journey to restore joy in your life. At Joy through Joy, it is truly my greatest heart’s desire and God’s calling to help others find joy encouragement and fulfillment through the many challenges we face in our life. I also share my faith journey, devotions and tools and tips for joyful living and doing it God’s way!

I am a mother of three beautiful children who bring me such joy. Growing up as a Pastors daughter, I learned early about God and have a passion for studying and sharing His good news. I managed to work my way up the Corporate Ladder to a very successful career in Healthcare. All that changed when I lost my soul-mate( you can read about it under Michaels’s story).

God led me to coach to use my pain for purpose, and though I never thought I would be helping others who are suffering, I am not surprised. God gave me the gift of the heart. I have a passion for helping others, and it brings me so much joy to be able to help others. My motto is Jesus first, Others second and Yourself (me) last = Joy.

As a Pastors daughter, I grew up knowing God and have a love for the Lord. But through many trials and difficulties, I never thought about how God would use my pain for His purpose. I have dealt with insecurities and painful seasons in life, and several pivotal moments changed the direction of my life forever.

Several years ago, my soul-mate passed away, and my life changed forever (you can read about it under Mike’s story). This loss was so devastating and ultimately led me to obtain my dual certification as a Christian Grief and Joy Restoration Coach to help others work through grief. It was also during this time that I recognized grief is not just a death but anything that causes us pain.

As I wake up each day, God reminds me of His mercy and love, and I wish that for you as well.

I’d like to offer you a complimentary Joy Restoration or Grief Coaching session! During this 50 minute session, where we will conduct a baseline assessment to identify problem areas and create a plan to help you move forward so that you may live the abundant life God has for you. Simply go to the “Contact Us” page and indicate you’d like a complimentary coaching session with Norma. You will be contacted to set up an appointment by phone.


Carly Boyce

Joy is the person you want with you from the start of this journey until you find yourself able to function. I consider Joy a source of knowledge in helping me to continue to address the different stages of grief even long after the fact.

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Catherine Reyes

It is interesting that grief and joy are opposites. But when you work with Joy they meld into one another in a way that makes it bearable.


Anissa Ciesynski

I am very blessed to have Joy in my life. The first time I met her she made me feel love and comfort. I love that she is a very good listener and gives good advice. When I see Joy she makes me want of be a better person.


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