The trials of life and seasons of difficult times can put us in a place of pain and suffering, which can cause us to focus on our problems and forget to recognize the joy we have in our lives.

I know I have been there and continue to face the seasons of challenge. Life is hard, and we tend to make it more complicated when we neglect the things that can bring us happiness.   I am not saying that there are not times where life challenges (death, divorce, loss of a career or pet or anything that causes pain)  can put us in a place where we feel like we cannot breathe, and the joy of life disappears.   But what we can do is learn to shift our mindset to focus on the good things in life.

Do you want to find joy again?  Do you want to be in a place where you are no longer stuck?  Do you want to feel the happiness that comes when we do not compare ourselves to others?

As someone who has worked through all the above and more, I empathize with you.  I am going through a new season of disappointments (job downsizing and caring for my parents and other trials). It is certainly eye-opening, hard, and tiring, but if we all it to take the joy out of our lives, that will make our daily lives worse.    I don’t know about you, but I want to be happy, and I have learned how to be grateful and happy even when times are hard.

A reason I not only do grief coaching but also joy restoration coaching is to help those going through seasons in life that where you may need support in finding that happiness.   If you want to start this year and begin to see the joy, I can help you.

I believe that we all want to be happy but are not quite sure how to get there from where we are today.  Many people think that happiness is luck or someone born with a positive attitude.   Some of that may be true, but I believe happiness is also a choice.  We can change our mindset to focus on the positive even when life appears to be hard.

I have followed the 7 Steps Happiness method for a while, and that, along with Joy Restoration Coaching, will help you find the peace you deserve during the turmoil we face.

Happiness is a choice:

The practice of finding blessings in each day is a great start.   Discover and write down at least one thing you are grateful for each day.   This one small first step can help you to find the positives in your day.

I started a few years ago and have not stopped.   I found this book One Thousand Gifts (link below if you would like to purchase it).  What a fantastic journey  I still remember my first journal entry:  “I am grateful this morning to wake up and hear the beautiful songs of the birds outside my window.”

I still smile each day as I listen to the songs of the birds, reminding me that I have the choice to be happy and that each day provides new opportunities to be grateful amid turmoil if I let it.

Gratitude Brings Happiness:

Do you notice that those who do not recognize the things that they do have are not thankful and are not happy?   I see it, and I understand that when you are going through life challenges or comparing yourself to others or trying to find happiness is the “if only’s.”   If only I had more money, or if only I had a better job or a new house or if only I had the next best thing, then I would be happy.   Well,  I am here to tell you that does not work because you will always be striving for the next best thing.

The habit of counting your blessings for being grateful for what you have is a start towards shifting your mindset from the” if only” to the happiness of the present.  How can you do that?

Often the lack of happiness can overwhelm us to the point where we forget the good things in our lives.

What are your expectations? 

Most of us who lack joy is looking for the things we do not have that we “think” can bring us happiness.   A bigger house, a better income, a happy family, the things we see others have that we do not.  We compare ourselves, that person on Facebook has a perfect life; the Instagram photos make me feel insecure.

Comparison is a sure way to feel unhappy; rest assured those photos, those messages are not reality, but they do make us feel insecure, and an expectation we want to avoid as it leads to more unhappiness.

Generosity is something I find brings me happiness. 

The gift of time, the gift of listening, and the gift of simple things bring peace.  My face lights up when I  pray for someone, or when I listen to their problems.  Have you ever stopped on the street and given someone that blueberry muffin you were going to have for breakfast?   The little things of kindness, a simple smile of generosity can put a smile on someone’s face, and a smile on yours. 

Invest in You!

What would make you happy, do you want to go back to school, learn to play tennis, have you always wanted to run a marathon?  Do you have something you wanted but never pursued?  What would make you happy?   What is your heart’s desire, and remember it is never too late to go after what makes you happy?  I know I am doing that myself; invest in you.

Slow Down:

Do you rush to get things done?  I will be honest, life is short, and I spent many years as a workaholic.  I missed some crucial times, and I did not always stop to smell the roses.  If you are like me, slow down.   Life is short, and I do not want you to feel any regrets.   What is important to you, slow down and enjoy it.

Remember what is important,

What matters in 1 year, two years or five years.  Is it the work, is it the business who will remember?   Family – loved ones.  Focus on the eternal, the family, and not what is a fleeting moment in time.

You are essential, and You deserve Happiness and Joy.  You Deserve to live, to love yourself, and take care of You.

If you are interested in finding peace and moving forward, I am here for you.  As a Certified Joy Restoration Coach (CJRC), I have proven methods to help you restore joy into your life.  The 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method may just be for you.

I suggest starting with this book (link to purchase is below).   One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  It will help you find the joy in the simple pleasures and start you down a path of finding gratitude.

Love and Peace,