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Well done, my good and faithful servant" -Mathew 25:23

Mike's Story

JoythroughJoy is dedicated to Michael Harrold, a man of faith Mike inspired many, his love for others was unconditional pure and true. His purpose on earth was all encompassing but complete when on his 52nd birthday God called him home to glory and welcomed him into his open arms and said. "Well done my good and faithful servant, well done".

The best birthday present for him but a loss for those left behind.

For those who knew Mike, he was bold in his love for God. He loved others, he loved life, he loved me, and He worked tirelessly to share God with everyone he met. Mike’s passing is what started me on my journey to help others work through all types of grief. Though I have faced a lot of grief, this was the most devastating time in my life and has taken me years to simply embrace the beautiful memories and find joy again, I wish I had a coach who could have helped me work through my grief in a healthy and shorter period of time but God used my years of pain as the timing for my calling to help others.

You will hear much more about our lives, his impact and what I learned, and God continues to teach me. This is the last picture of Michael and a wonderful gift that God gave to me. I vividly remember this day, this moment and the story behind this picture. Mike and I spent the day volunteering at Reviver Challenge obstacle course, our job was to help everyone over the 10-foot wall. We had a blast, and like the team that we were, we encouraged, supported, cheered and helped people to overcome their fears and conquer something that they never thought they could. That wall represented the overwhelming obstacles we all face in our lives that we feel we cannot overcome but if we do not give up, if we let others help us, we can overcome. Little did I realize that two days later I would face the biggest obstacle of my life, the passing of my best friend and soul-mate. But God did give me this gift - this last picture.

You see, later that day my dear friend and mentor and founder of Reviver Challenge, Cat Reyes, was walking around with a camera. I was talking to someone and I felt God pulling at my heart to have a picture taken and Cat felt the same tug and turned around and took this picture. I am forever grateful that God gave me this gift so precious to me when 2 days later he went home.

Mikes Wall
That 10-foot wall, now known as Mike’s Wall, lovingly painted by one of Michaels best friend David Englund. The legacy continues as family and friends meet each year to help others through the obstacles in their lives and overcoming Mike’s Wall.

The first Michael Harrold Blood Drive

Mike faced several health issues prior to his passing and one routine surgical procedure resulted in him requiring a blood transfusion. This gift of life was something Mike and I spoke of often, that someone would care enough to give this gift of life. Since his passing, we have held several Blood Drives in his honor. Such a simple act can save a life. If you would like to donate blood you can go to your local blood center - if you would like to donate blood in Michaels honor - simply tell them to donate using sponsor code 3496.

www.ribc.org or any other Blood Center. Donate with Mikes sponsor code 3496