About Amanda Cabral

Hello! Welcome to my website & Thank You for visiting! My name is Amanda B. Cabral and I am the owner & operator of ABC, Musculoskeletal and Wellness Therapist, LLC. I graduated Bancroft School Of Massage Therapy in Aprill 2011. I graduated specializing in Sports, Deep Tissue, Rehabilitation and Myofascial Release Techniques and I am currently a memeber of both AMTA & NCBTMB. I have been licensed within the state of Rhode Island since August 2011. Since then, I have expanded my work into the medical field working alongside chiropractors, psychotherapist and until recently, acupuncturists. I have continued my education by expanding my knowledge in Crisis Prevention Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki I & II, 4 different certificates and specializations of Prenatal/Labor/PostPartum Massage Therapies and have begun taking courses in Reflexology.