He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:3).

How is it possible to be brave, strong and broken all at the same time? Life is full of challenges, problems, and heartache. We will all face moments in life that make us feel broken and wonder how can we possibly get through this. We go through seasons in life where we face brokenness: Broken Dreams, Broken Spirits, Broken Hearts, Broken Relationships, even a Broken Sense of Self Esteem. It can be easy to feel defeated when pain and brokenness are so real and challenging to overcome. The pain we go through leaves us feeling broken and steals our joy.

So how is it possible to walk bravely, to be strong in light of the pain we are feeling? Will we put on our Facebook smiles, only let people see us as living the dream while ignoring the suffering we are dealing with inside of us.

It’s important not to let obstacles in life tear us away from trusting God. Instead, these are the moments when we need Him most. The truth is, if we’re hurting and we allow God to engage with our pain, He will give us the strength we need to walk bravely through our grief.

Key Strategies:

Renew your mind

Your thoughts dictate your actions, not the other way around. The mind is impressive; what we allow and what we fill it with directly impacts how we feel. Try starting your day in prayer; ask God to help you find something positive for you to embrace. For me when I hear the birds singing each morning, I am reminded of how much God loves me.

Focus and realign your thinking through prayer.

Receive God’s Power:

Regardless of what you are facing, no matter how big it seems – remember that nothing is too big for our God. Say it and receive it. I pray each morning with confidence that I will have a victorious day.

Surround Yourself with others:

God tells us that two are better than one. Other people of faith can lift you in spirit, remind you of God’s truth, and encourage you. They can give you advice without judgment and prayer with and for you.  It is important to find others who you feel comfortable with sharing.

Read Your Bible:

God’s Word is incredibly powerful and holds the key too many of our problems. God’s Word is the truth; filled with advice, promises, hope, help, and Gods abundant love. Read it, meditate and study it, God will help you apply His Word in your life. No matter what you are facing, God is right beside you through each step. God did not promise us a life free of pain, but He did promise that in the darkness, He is the light. Put your trust in Him, and remember you are never alone.